Get Your Power From The Sun Directly & Build Your Asset

Why Now's The Best Time To Go Solar?

Federal Investment Tax Credits Expire soon

You're entitled to 26% tax credits if you install in 2022, 22% in 2023, and 0% in 2024. The clock's ticking.

Best Solar Has Ever Been

The industry has gone through many transformations and it makes more sense today to go solar than ever before.

Be self sustainable

In times of power outage, and natural disasters, ensure your lights remain on at all times.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Electricity prices continue to go up. With solar, you can lock-in the price you pay for electricity today & protect against future increases.

Increase Property Value

This one’s easy: homes with solar sell for more than homes without.

Plant 100+ Trees Annually

An average system reduces carbon footprint equivalent to planting over 100 trees annually.

The Liberty Advantage

Why rely on others for your energy and throw money down the drain when you can power your own home and use your monthly electric bill payment towards building an asset that would increase your home value?

At Liberty, we are committed to helping you have sustainable housing with the best in class service and warranties.

Largest Network of Solar Installers

Partner up with the largest residential solar system installer in the nation to maximize our customer's savings!

$0 Out of Pocket Costs!

That's RIGHT! All the payments are taken directly from your energy bill. You can have a brand new solar system, along with a new roof, and tons of other energy efficient upgrades and still pay lower than your energy bill today with 1.49% financing over 25 years.

Extended Guarantee

All panels are backed with several different warranties, the longest in the nation with 25 years for both residential & commercial solar on average!

We Cover The Whole Spectrum


Home Efficiency Upgrades

Roofs, Windows, Insulation & the whole 9 yards

Here's What Your Journey To Solar Looks Like...

STEP 1: Savings Report

You will get a free energy savings report from our Tech team! This will show you the exact savings, estimates, how many panels will be installed for your home.

STEP 2: Approval Process

The approval process literally takes max 10 mins! The only requirement for approval is to have a 600+ credit score & show a proof of homeownership!

STEP 3: Documents

Once approved, we will forward you documents to sign to begin the next steps to getting your solar system installed!

STEP 4: Site Survey

A site survey team will come out to make sure all safety precautions are being taken. We will make sure your home is up to code and supports local regulatory processes.

STEP 5: CAD/Permit

Once the survey teams gives a green light, we will obtains all the permits to install your panels. This takes up to 3-4 weeks but could be done much sooner.

STEP 6: Installation

After a successful install, We proceed to activating your system and backup generator panels if you opted in for the additional services!

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